Police brutality: Unarmed pizza delivery man shot in car by Philly cops


A young Philadelphia pizza delivery man just doing his job was shot in the head by plain-clothes police officers late on April 22. He was unarmed and had not broken the law.

Two police officers in the Kingsessing area attached to a gun crime unit responded to shots heard nearby around 10 p.m. Meanwhile, 20-year-old Philippe Holland had just delivered a burger and soft drink, his last delivery run of the night.

The non-uniformed men arrived at 51st St & Willows Ave and saw Holland dressed in a hooded sweatshirt. They say they identified themselves as police.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross says the department suspects Holland probably didn’t believe them and thought he was about to be robbed.

Ross believes this is why Holland made the decision to get into his Ford Taurus.

There are no third-party witnesses, but the officers say Holland reversed then drove toward them at speed. They both opened fire on his car, striking him in the leg, arm and head.

Holland’s car was riddled with 14 bullets. He is now is in hospital in a critical but stable condition. It is uncertain whether he will live.

The police involved have been taken off the street pending an internal investigation.

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