Police brutality? Cops use choke hold on video in PCP woman arrest, sued for $1 million


Police brutality? Cops use choke hold on video… by tomonewsus

PCP is bad, kids. And if you smoke it, you might end up like Massachusetts resident, Maylene Maldonado. Especially if you’re in a town where the cops are willing to cover each other’s asses.

On February 3rd, 2013, Maldonado was arrested by Chicopee Police, and charged with assault and battery of a officer. She admitted on video to smoking PCP.

“Did you take any alcohol or drugs tonight?” Sergeant Mike Major asked her.
“Yes.” she replied.
“Which ones?”
“PCP… and… cigarettes.”

The officers, seem calm if but on edge, until Sergeant Mike Major informs her that if she doesn’t cooperate, “Something bad will happen.”

But Maldonado doesn’t cooperate. Even though she started out calm, she suddenly switches her tack and starts loudly demanding that the cops reach into her mouth and unscrew her lip bars. She claims her lip is bleeding since an officer slammed her head into a wall.

Her screaming escalates until Sergeant Major loses his cool and grabs Maldonado by the neck. Once on the floor, with a pile of cops on top of her, Maldonado changes her mind about not wanting a lawyer.

Although an internal investigation found Sergeant Mike Major innocent of any wrongdoing, in 2013 his colleague William Jebb gave this tape to city hall.

A judge decided Major had assaulted Maldonado, and he was pushed into retirement. Deputy William Jebb, who turned over the tape, is now Chief of Police in Chicopee.

This year, Maldonado has filed a $1 million dollar federal civil rights lawsuit against the city of Chicopee, and eight police officers including Mike Major and the old chief of police.


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2 thoughts on “Police brutality? Cops use choke hold on video in PCP woman arrest, sued for $1 million

  1. This type of brutality happens way to often and something really needs to be done about it. It’s posted that cops are allowed to lie to help get information in getting the job done.

    1. This is continued from the comment before this.This stupes to a all time low in just about anyones eyes. I’m so glad that this was videoed to help her. And in front of her children, hr should also be charged with child abuse. The reason being that they will probably never forget what they witnessed. How this officer feel justified in behaving in this manner. I pray law enforcement do the right thing and no longer employ him because once a rotten apple always a rotten apple in any language.

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