Cali woman suing Carlsbad police for punching her in the face during arrest


Cali woman suing Carlsbad police for punching… by tomonewsus

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA– In Carlsbad, California, 40-year-old Cindy Hahn was facing some serious jail time following her arrest two years ago for assaulting an officer. Or she was, until a video of her violent arrest hit the internet, which led to the city dropping all charges against her.

This week, Hahn’s lawyer announced she’s suing the city and accusing the cops of filing false reports against her, beating her, and violating her civil rights. According to the complaint filed by her attorney, on July 31, 2013, Hahn was was leaving a children’s birthday party at Legoland with her kids, but when she got to the parking lot, she discovered her car alarm was going off for some reason.

An officer, identified as Kenyatte Valentine, was standing nearby. And when she asked what he was doing, he replied “Mind your f***ing business.” Hahn called a hotline to report Valentine’s behavior, calling him “mentally unstable.” But his behavior only got worse from there.

After Hahn and her kids got in the car, they’d barely started moving before Valentine pulled her over, claiming she’d violated a seat belt law, but he never cited her for any such infraction. When Hahn got out of her car, Valentine threw her to the ground, called for backup, and started beating the woman.

Backup arrived and another officer ran in and started punching Hahn in the face, all while her kids watched from the car. Hahn, who suffered a concussion and contusions, was then charged by the City with resisting arrest and battery on a police officer.

The city persisted in trying to have Hahn thrown in prison for two years, and one of the cops even testified in court about how she attacked him. At least, that was their story until Hahn’s lawyer showed this video to the court, and the City abruptly dropped the case.
When the lawsuit was announced, the city issued a statement saying only that they will defend themselves in court, not in the media. OK, then.


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