man educates confused cop on the law


In this video a the cop is having a conversation with someone about a concealed weapons permit.  The guy who is recoding this event (and does not appear to be a part of the conversation) jumps in and decides to rattle off the laws of which the person has the right to carry a concealed weapon.  The cop looks back to the person he was having the conversation with and says “do you think he is trying to provoke me?”

Watch this video and you tell me if that was the case?  Why is it that every citizen who knows every in and out of every law want to push cops and challenge them on their knowledge of the details of the law?  I understand the cops serve and protect under that law but it does not mean citizens have the right to aggressively verbally slam them the way this individual does in the video.

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man educates confused cop on the law by gelsliced

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