Loaded gun in public….This guy tells a cop the law


This guy in the video sure does do a great job aggressively quoting laws to the cops, but I get the feeling like he was overly prepared for this encounter with the .  A part of me almost feels like he provoked this situation to happen so he could record it.

That aside, this is an interesting situation to me.  Clearly this civilian has the right to carry his firearm and he knows it.  As a fellow civilian in his community, how would do feel the cop did in this situation?  The cops job is to protect and serve the community.  Just because this civilian has the right to carry a firearm, should the police officer have been able to check him to make sure he was not under the influence, mentally ill and for all other purposes responsibly carrying the firearm in the public domain within the scope of the law?  If yes, why.  If no why not?  Leave your thoughts about this situation in the comments below.

Know your rights….a guy tells a cop the law by FannieJase

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