Cop doesnt know the law and does NOT want to be on video


This one was somewhat boring to watch up until 2:10 minute mark when the cop gets upset about him videoing the event.  I love when he says he is on a public street and there are public cameras everywhere, he said he does not want to be on video but he has no choice about it.

It really make me think.  More and more cameras are going up all over the place.  On every street corner and every public space.  We are always on camera and no one is signing any release forms.  There are no release forms to sign.

On the one hand, when something tragic happens we are all thankful the cameras were rolling and the evidence was available to catch who committed the crime or tell the story that would not have been told.  On the other hand, we give up our personal and private rights more and more every day.  How far has that gone?  It goes to show how frustrated this cop got with being video taped not as a cop, but as a “private person” just how much we all still want our own privacy in the midst of safety and security as well.  What are your thoughts?  Leave you comments below.

cop doesnt know the law by VeraVance

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