Cop confronted for being parked in front of fire hydrant


This topic is sure to make some peoples blood boil.  You are driving down the street and you see a cop car parked in front of a fire hydrant, in a no parking zone, a tow away zone, or any other place we would all love to park but can’t.  Immediately we all think why should the be allowed to park in that zone, who do they think they are?

The video below shows a cop who parked in front of a fire hydrant while he was eating lunch with his kids.  Now before you fly off the handle and think this cop should be ticketed at the maximum amount of the law, I have a couple of pretty simple thoughts as to why I am ok with them doing it when we all (everyone else in the world) cannot.

First of all, it is designated for emergency vehicles, and a police cruiser is most certainly an emergency vehicle.

Secondly, the police officer is on duty. When they have to find a place to park to be close to the scene they are responding to, these “no parking” areas tend to be convenient for them to respond to a call etc.

You say but wait a minute, in this situation the office was not responding to a call, he was eating lunch with his kids and only parked there because it was close by.  And I say, yep, that is right.  Because unlike you and I and most other people in this world, while he is eating lunch with his kids, he is still on duty and on call.  That means he could go from eating lunch with his kids, to putting his life in danger to save yours all in a matter of the time it would take to eat just one bite of his food.  Let me ask you this in another way, if your life was in danger and you had to call the police, would you want to have to wait an extra 2 minutes because his cruiser was parked further away, or would you want him to stop eating lunch with his kids and hop in his cruiser and come serve your life while putting his in harms way?

Lastly, the major difference when a police officer parks their car in an emergency zone, (either attending to an emergency or being on call for one) there is one crucial difference between them doing it and you.  That difference is that they are connected to the emergency communication system and you are not.  What I mean is that when an emergency does come up, it comes across their radio and they are responsible to respond.  So when you have your pants all up in a bunch because a cop is parked in front of a fire hydrant just remember that cop will get the call about the fire before you even smell the smoke.  Chances are good he is close by and will be moving the vehicle or running into the burning house to save  you before the fire trucks even get on the scene.

As a final note, this cop has to be the most patient person around to have dealt with this person’s tone in the way they were coming at him.  Regardless of what the cop did or did not do, cops are people too, they are people who protect and serve all of us.  This does not ever put them above the law but just because they did or did not break a parking law also does not mean you can aggressively approach them either.

Check out the video below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Cop Block: Officer breaks the law and lies!!! by ButlerJayden

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