Henry County Sheriff’s Office Getting Body Cams

Henry County Sheriff's Office Getting Body Cams

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama is the next on the list to be using body cameras.

The use of body cameras is growing as fast as the demand for to start using them.  The thought is that these devices will provide a full and accurate account of an incident.  While this may be true, it will still only provide one point of view and could still leave more questions than answers.

Deputies says the body cameras give an unbiased third party perspective and both sides of the story will now be heard through one tool. Officers say the cameras will also help in investigations.

One thing is for sure, the presence of these body cameras on the police would make you think twice about each encounter you have with the police (helping to protect them) and likewise the police will be forced to think and be more mindful of each encounter they have.  This part alone could help reduce as well as any police officers who knowingly or unknowingly break the laws they serve to protect.

“When an officer gets blamed for some particular instance, then, all we have is the officer’s word against the person who is complaining against that officer. Now we can have video of what actually happened,” said Sheriff Maddox.

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